Exhibition Programme 2014


Current : Sacred Eden and Other New Work by Nick Jones


Every year my friend the poet Alan Daltrey and I work together on themes inspired by the Eden Valley. This year our theme is Sacred Eden – sites and places of spirit and soul. We are working on an anthology which will be ready later in the year. Starting at the head of the Mallerstang Valley, as we look down the valley with an eagle’s eye view, towards Carlisle and the Solway, we see a land of great beauty, with many secret, sacred and hallowed sites. But we also see efforts to control, contain, protect, and influence mind, body and spirit – bridges, castles, towers, railways, roads, churches, walls.



Last year we explored the Loki legend, inspired by the Loki stone in Kirkby Stephen church – drawn to the same themes of the limits to freedom, transformation and crossing points, thresholds and places that focus and celebrate those key moments in life – birth, confirmation, marriage, death. Churches have many ways in, and churchyards are spaces that contain and change the way we see the world. This small exhibition shows work in progress, and includes some monotypes made by Nick at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh under the expert tutelage of his youngest daughter Kittie Jones. More to come…watch this space !




Kittie Jones had her third summer exhibition “Birds in Print” .
Of course I am a bit biased but I have to say her work is just getting better and better, and it’s already brilliant, so defying mathematical laws and even words …you’ll just have to come and check the work out for yourself, but don’t wait too long, the red dots have a habit of proliferating rather quickly these days ! Don’t take my word for it, check out Kittie’s blog at
And her website at http://www.kittiejones.com/




Over the last four years poet Alan Daltrey and artist Nick Jones have collaborated together on themes inspired by Cumbria’s Eden Valley, producing anthologies of poetry and images. “Along the Settle and Carlisle" came first in 2010, followed by "Bridges of Eden" in 2011, “Genius Loki” in 2012, and "Sacred Eden" in 2013, going on into 2014.
Alan Daltrey lives near Armathwaite in the Eden Valley, and was drawn to Cumbria by his love of the Romantic poets. He taught  English at Keswick School, in the shadow of Southey's house, Greta Hall. His poetry is inspired by people and places, and what goes on between them.
Nick Jones lives at The Watermill at Little Salkeld in the Eden Valley, a traditional mill producing stoneground flours, with a famous tearoom next door. He has been painting and drawing for years and is now exploring the delights of the monoprint.