Bake the 53p loaf


Although fuel and food prices are increasing steadily there is a silver lining if you use  Watermill Flours- read on to find out how and why.

More and more people are discovering the pleasure and the relatively low cost of making their own bread by hand...and its advantages. You can save up to 35% on the cost of a loaf (and the cost of a breadmachine) by baking your own, and there are lots of other benefits. It is very therapeutic,creative, quick, and pleasurable - it’s not just children who like messing about with great big lumps of sticky dough ! YOU decide what goes into the bread, and what doesn’t, so avoiding all kinds of undesirable additives. If you are using Biodynamic flour, many people find it more digestible and
tastier. One baker noticed that when he ate flour milled from Biodynamic wheat, he could work for longer without feeling hungry, so there’s another benefit!
Why not book in for one of Ana’s brilliant Breadmaking Courses here at the mill ? She’ll show you how simple and delightful making your own bread by hand can be, and how little time and effort it takes.
Do the Maths :

Calculations based on 6 X 400gm loaves
100% Wholewheat Flour
 £           2.45
 £           0.50
 £           0.10
 £           0.10
 £           3.15
Cost per loaf
 £           0.53