Eden Valley Outdoor Oven Project


What’s it all about ?
There’s a growing interest in self-help, local and community initiatives, especially ones that are inexpensive, fun, practical, and, in this case, delicious and good for you as well !
Our plan is to establish a network of small, simple outdoor ovens initially in the Eden Valley, but probably in other parts of Cumbria as time, funding and local interest allow.
Who started it ?

The project is being overseen and led by Nick Jones, from the Watermill at Little Salkeld, working in close association with Peter Dicken, who leads the PACT (Penrith Action for Community Transition) Food Group. We have a common interest in promoting local high quality food – in this case bread made in the community baked using local resources, materials and skills. Nick has a professional interest in bread and flour and is Chairman of the Traditional Cornmillers Guild, and on the Committee of Sustain’s Real Bread Campaign, the Cumbria Slow Food group, and the Royal Society of Arts  (RSA) Northwest Steering Group. Thanks to the RSA Fellowship’s Catalyst Fund some start up funding has been made available to get this project off the ground.

More Info

For full details and information on how to get involved you can download the Project Proposal details here.