Feeding The Stones

The last gear in the drive, the 'stone nut', drives a vertical spindle that passes up to the "stone" floor. The lower of the two stones (the "Bedstone") is fixed in the floor. The spindle passes through it and connects with the upper stone (the "Runner") to drive it against the lower stone.

The stones are covered in "furniture" to keep the grain and flour in and people and dirt out! The box around the stones themselves is called the "tun". The hopper above is supported by the "horse".

The "Miller's Damsel" (she chatters all the time!) constantly knocks the chute or "shoe" to feed the grain evenly down into the the "eye" of the stones.

The grain takes a few seconds to pass from the eye as wholegrain to the edge of the stones ground to flour. Once ground and at the edge of the stones, the flour passes away down a chute to be bagged (100%), sieved (85%) or blended into one of our other products.