Information for Educational Groups

The Watermill at Little Salkeld is one of the country's few working mills still producing stoneground flours the traditional way using the clean self-renewing power of water. We welcome school parties and other educational groups and can offer outstanding opportunities for learning across a wider range of school curriculum and other academic disciplines. We also offer "hands-on" and interactive learning - pupils and students can make their own bread and even mill some flour using a traditional handmill.

The cost is £4.80 per head excluding VAT for a tour of the mill, and a breadmaking demonstration. We can usually fit in one class at a time. Please advise numbers when enquiring or booking.

Fitting in with your curriculum, subject and courses. There's a lot to see and think about when you visit the mill, and it's certain to be relevant to at least some of the subjects and areas of study that you're interested in. We can tailor your visit to meet specific needs.

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