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Quick Porridge OatsQuick Porridge Oats

Our most popular oat. Makes a delicious, nourishing and very quick porridge. Stir quickly over medium heat, approximately four parts water to one part porridge. Also good raw with fruit juice, raisins, yoghurt, nuts and seeds.
Giant OatsGiant Oats

Bigger and chewier flakes, good for porridge cooked slowly overnight, and for flapjacks. Cooking will be slightly longer than for porridge oats, and will have more texture. Use half and half porridge oats for flapjacks.
Whole Oat GroatsWhole Oat Groats

For connoisseurs of "Oat Cuisine"! Cook overnight in a slow oven or thermos (one part groats to four parts water), for an unbeatable creamy flavoursome textured porridge. Large sizes currently out of stock.

Available in Fine, Medium and Pinhead (Coarse) grades or "Cuts". The oatmeals will make porridge but need to be cooked slowly for longer. Medium and Pinhead can be used for Oatcakes and sweet biscuits. Pinhead is excellent with fish, or as a crunchy addition to bread, crumbles etc.
Oat BranOat Bran

High fibre, wheat free. Only available in 500 gms.
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