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Welcome to the Watermill Online Shop, specialising in organic stoneground flours.

We stock our own biodynamic and organic stoneground flours, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, pasta, herbs, spices, beans and peas, chocolate, coffee, teas, herbs, herb teas, spices, books and more...Please click on a section below for information on our products.


New Delivery chargesNew Delivery charges

Our deliveries are picked up from us on Tuesday and Friday and delivered the next working day.

Orders placed Monday - Wednesday will be picked up Friday, orders placed Thursday - Sunday will be picked up Tuesday.

Enquire for Scottish Highlands and Irelend delivery days and prices.
Organic and Biodynamic FloursOrganic and Biodynamic Flours

We mill a wide range of flours to meet every need.
Organic OatsOrganic Oats

Choose from quick porridge oats, giant oats, oatmeals, oat groats and oat bran.
Organic Grains, Bran, Flakes and MuesliOrganic Grains, Bran, Flakes and Muesli

You can try our popular all-in-one muesli or make up your own favourite mixture from a wide range of ingredients. This section also contains lots of flaked grains, soya flour and whole grains.
Organic Peas, Beans, Rice, Millet and BulgarOrganic Peas, Beans, Rice, Millet and Bulgar

A wide range of delicious peas, beans, rice, millet and other essentials for the vegetarian cook.
Organic Dried FruitOrganic Dried Fruit

Dried fruit to eat raw for instant energy, or to soak and add to muesli, fruit salads etc.
Organic Nuts and SeedsOrganic Nuts and Seeds

Almond, brazil, cashew, hazel and walnuts plus sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
Organic PastaOrganic Pasta

Pasta from Sicily - and characters from an undiscovered Rossini opera perhaps - Spaghetti, Tricolore, and Scallopi.
Organic Chocolate, Cocoa and SugarOrganic Chocolate, Cocoa and Sugar

We are now stocking Green & Blacks Cooking Chocolate (a large bar with 72% cocoa solids). Good value, also makes the best brownies and double chocolate, chocolate cake.
Organic and Biodynamic Teas and CoffeesOrganic and Biodynamic Teas and Coffees

High quality Teas and Coffees from around the world.
Organic Herb TeasOrganic Herb Teas

Our herb teas come from the Organic Herb Trading Company in Somerset. As well as having an excellent flavour, they are beautiful to look at. Pour boiling water over a large pinch, infuse for a few minutes, sieve and drink.
Dried Yeast - Organic & Non-OrganicDried Yeast - Organic & Non-Organic

Instant dried yeast - easy to use for all types of flour and breadmaking.
Organic Herbs, Spices and SeasoningOrganic Herbs, Spices and Seasoning

Also supplied by the Organic Herb Trading Company in Somerset. If you have not tasted organic herbs and spices you are in for a great surprise - they are so full of flavour!

We offer a range of specialist books on baking and cooking. We also produce a range of "Baking With..." leaflets, containing tips and recipes for use with most of our flours.

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